Welcome to Money Mondays!

 I used to post my financial inflows and outflows on Fridays in the past but I decided to move this to Mondays instead. Normally I go grocery shopping on Sundays after church. Now I will post the last week’s worth of financial inflows and outflows on Monday so that I can include the weekend spending as well.

(If you are not reading this post at www.howisavemoney.net or in your feed reader, it may have been stolen from my site.)

This week my financial outflows were:

$66.78 for the electric bill. 

$92.39 for food items and $32.54 for non food items. I decided to separate them at checkout even though they are grouped in my budget.

$42.18 for a six pack of bookends and a satin-lined sleep cap. The sleep cap is very stylish and can actually be used to go out. I’m using the bookends to hold my books up on a repurposed side table. I originally bought two glass shelving units with three tiers as my bedside tables when I first moved. Then, I recently bought two dressers and use those as bedside tables instead. The old tables will now be in my office as bookshelves! They do not have sides so I am currently unable to keep my books standing up. I have quite a few textbooks that I use for teaching, so I like them to stand up.