Welcome to Money Mondays!

 This is where I track my cash inflows and outflows for the week. I will not post the following two items for personal reasons:


-rent information

Everything else will be listed and is a total of my spending on items for the prior week.

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This week my financial outflows were:

$240.04 for some domain renewals. I normally renew my domains for two years.

$40.63 for a medical bill over the amount charged to the insurance.

$37.52 for gas. I will be driving a bit more over the next couple of weeks so I expect to fill up again before the end of the month.

This week my financial inflows were:

$14.52 from Rakuten. I totally forgot about my Rakuten cash back since I have not been earning a lot on it lately. My spending recently has been mostly on food items and those do not count for the cash back.

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