Well there will be no Tracking My Finances post this since it is the first of the month and the only thing paid has been the rent and associated costs. What you get instead is the Monthly Financial Checkup for June and I am pleased to say that I came out in the black by $206.13!!!!!!

I am glad that I came out in the black again this month because I had a deficit to make up for in April. With this overage in the total yearly budget I now only have to make up a shortfall of $551.15 to get back on track with the budget for the year.

I went ahead and added in the expenses for my summer fun this year and even with those events included I have managed to stay under the total budget, even though the entertainment section of the budget is wildly over!!!!!

img from www.printwatkins.com

Some areas where I overspent:

  • -Entertainment
  • -Health
  • -Personal shopping

Some areas where I underspent:

  • -Car
  • -Utilities
  • -Home

I did not purchase the newspaper this month and only redeemed $1.54 in coupons because I did not really have coupons for the things I wanted to purchase.

I really need to step up my coupon use in the next few months and be sure to get those c0upons used before they expire. I think that I will be taking a break from my CVS trips once the current CVS card runs out and then I will spend more time using my coupons at Wally instead.

Coupon purchase to date: $12.00

Coupon redemption to date: $24.28

Net coupon use to date: $12.28

July marks my birth and I will be celebrating in small ways EVERY day!!! They will not all be related to money but I am going to have a good time whether I lounge around read new books on the Kindle or go out to eat. I will try to keep all the categories under budget this month and I know that I will have to exclude any fun purchases from the budget since they will be coming out of the Splurge Fund.