So my computer crashed and that is why I have not been updating recently. My hard drive failed last week right before school started and I have been hard pressed to find time to work on the blog in between getting things ready for  the class I teach since some of my sections are online only.

My computer crashed and I first I did not know what was happening because it would restart and then give this funny blue screen. I got a few options like try to reset to a previous version, or reinstall windows and everything would get up to 2% and then fail. I took it to the IT on campus and the tech ran a few tests and said the hard drive was failing but he was not allowed to work on personal laptops so I would have to go to a repair store.

I then checked a few prices around town to see who could help me since my computer crashed. Many of the places wanted me to buy their hard drive, but I got a recommendation for a new hard drive that was cheaper if I ordered it online. I finally found a few stores that would allow me to bring in my own hard drive instead of buying from them so I went with one of them.

The next step was to actually order the hard drive and it was supposed to be here yesterday but they tried to deliver at 7:55 pm!!!! The main office for my apartment complex is closed at that time and all deliveries go to the main office so I now have to wait and see what happens today.

In any case I should have a ‘new’ laptop soon and things can get back to normal.

I did not realize how dependent I was on my laptop until it failed. It is really difficult to do many things on my phone or even on the tablet. The system I use for school is not very mobile friendly and it becomes a pain to try to manage the classroom on a small screen.