I need to take surveys on my receipts so that I can save money on future purchases. I shop a LOT at Walmart and I sometimes get the survey where you can win $1,000 towards future purchases. I did a few of them in the past but never won anything so I feel like they are a waste of time.

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I have also gotten surveys for other places, like one Chinese food place where you get a discount off your next meal within 30 days. I did that a few times but I ended up not eating there within the 30 days so again I felt it was a waste of time.


I keep my receipts in an envelope and then clean out the envelope every month to get rid of receipts over 3 months old. I have now decided that I will just do the surveys as they come in and before I place them in the envelope. I know it is a long shot and maybe I will never win the $1,000 but I can at least have the % off  in case I do eat at any of the restaurants!

It can be a pain to do some of these surveys because they can take a bit of time depending on the place you get the survey from but the payoff can be a really big one if you do win. At the very least I will get a few dollars off something I was already going to purchase at a later point in time.