I am not paying rent with my credit card any more because of the fee. In the past I would use my card to pay rent so I could capitalize on the cash back for every purchase. My rent was classified as an ordinary purchase and I earned 2% cash back on it. There is a fee associated with the payment that just makes it no longer worth doing so in 2022. Now the fee generates a cost of $20 more than I make on the cash back from the purchase. It does not make sense for me to lose $20 a month on this transaction so I will pay using an electronic check instead of the credit card.

rent increase

The cash back was nice while it lasted, but now it is dead. While it makes life easier to have the card for all purchases, I cannot justify losing $20 every month for something I can control.

While I’m not paying rent with my credit card any longer I’m still using the card for everything else. I will still use the cards for:

  • shopping
  • utilities
  • gas
  • groceries

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