With any online store it helps significantly to understand the people who are purchasing from you. Store owners often find the best information through Google Analytics and other data gathering tools. However, there’s nothing like a case study pieced together in an easily digestible infographic.


This infographic is presented by Ecommerce Platforms, and it outlines the clear differences in the online shopping habits of men and women. From how women like to buy gifts for other people to how men are less interested in discounts, sales and deals, the infographic assists ecommerce store owners in making decisions and segmenting selling decisions and marketing strategies based on the two different sexes.


For example, did you know that 45% of men purchased a product or service using a smartphone, while only 34% of women used smartphones for their purchases? Depending on your core demographics, this may show you how mobile exposure is becoming increasingly essential for stores to sell more items. Another standout stat in the infographic shows that women say they purchase items when on sale 74% of the time. On the other hand, men only claimed to buy items on sale 57% of the time.


We encourage you to print out this infographic and send it to all of the other shareholders in your business for everyone to see how crucial it is to view your customers as unique individuals with varying tendencies as to when and how they buy online. Think about how you interact while buying products and services, and use these subjective thoughts to your advantage; but remember that the stats don’t lie, so data like this, paired with your own observations, works quite well.