Project Use it Up is simply where you make a decided effort to use up items you have. This does not mean that you waste or use too much of anything. Rather, you need to use the item when possible and avoid switching out for similar items.

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For my Project Use it Up I am trying to focus on my perfume samples. Currently I only have a few perfume samples left.

The thing is I never really reach for them. I mostly reach for my full bottles of perfume when I am ready to add fragrance to myself for the day. it really does not help that the samples are hidden in a drawer on my vanity, while the full bottles are out in the open.

How I get samples:

  • -free gift with purchase
  • -sample requests at fragrance counters
  • -gifts from friends

I used to have a LOT of samples but I used them up before buying the larger bottle. Now I am back to just having a few samples.

My Project Use It Up for August will be to focus on getting rid of these small samples before the fragrance changes.