I’m actively trying to reduce waste in my life. Recently I’ve been trying to make sure I don’t have food spoilage. This is especially important now that we are dealing with the virus. During this time I am only going to the store once a month.

Fewer trips per month means I have to go longer before I can restock on items. It also means I have to find ways to make what I have last the entire month, and be creative with meals towards the end.

I therefore need to make sure I am using up everything I have and not wasting any food.

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One way to reduce waste

I decided to label my frozen foods to reduce waste. Instead of putting the labels directly on the food, I found it was easier to use an external label. This was easy for me because I have a large number of list stickers from some planner purchases I made over the last few years.

I never really used those because I could not find a good use for them. Now I can write my food type and the date I froze it if it did not come with a label already.

This is especially handy because I buy a lot of salmon and other types of fish. I then portion the fish and season it before packaging up in the freezer. Since I don’t use the frozen packs on a daily basis it is easy to let something stay in the freezer for a while. I may then forget when I actually froze it so my labels will come in handy.

As I add more frozen meals I can add to the label list on the front of the freezer.

What have you been doing to reduce waste in these times?