I hate blueberries.

I want to save money but the taste of blue berries has been making me waste money.

I mean I really, REALLY hate the taste of blueberries. I hate the way I can’t tell if they are ripe by looking at them….or smelling them and sometimes by even touching them.

I used to buy fresh blueberries to eat and sometimes to make smoothies as a way to get more fruits and vegetables into my daily diet.

I did not eat them every day because I just don’t like the taste and texture and invariably I would end up throwing some away because they had gone bad. Then I thought about buying the frozen fruits instead of fresh so that I could have them last longer even though I could not use them every day.

I bought some frozen name brand fruits and added them to smoothies and the taste was not too bad. I also tried thawing them out to eat….but that was just a horrible idea because the fruit was just mushy.

Then I decided to try out the store brand frozen fruits and they were just the same as the brand name. I can now save money by purchasing the frozen store brand fruits and keeping them in the freezer for a long time. I save money because I can use the fruits on my own time and not worry about them going bad!!!

I still buy other fruits such as bananas fresh so that I can eat them…but when it comes to those pesky blueberries I get mine straight out of the freezer and use them in smoothies. I get to consume my fruits and vegetables for better health and I save money because I do not throw away any food that goes bad.

You might want to check out purchasing frozen fruits and vegetables for those instances where you don’t actually need fresh fruit to eat. You can use the frozen for smoothies and for cooking and end up saving money with your freezer.