I enjoy saving money with online coupons. Yesterday I was shopping at JC Penney and was amazed at how many people were not using their online coupons.

For those who don’t know you can save money if you use a JC Penney credit card. You can also save by using their paper coupons or showing the online coupons. I am not on their mailing list so I always pull up the coupons on my phone when I shop there.

Sale prices

I was getting a shirt for work that originally cost $48. You all know that I love to save money so I was not about to pay $48 for ONE shirt. It was on a sale rack that said the items were reduced to $27.99, which was not a bad price for a shirt I could wear while teaching.

Online coupons

However I still was not prepared to pay that amount so I looked for a coupon. There was an online coupon stating you could get $10 off a $25 purchase, including sale items. This brought my potential item down to $17.99 which I thought was pretty reasonable!

I made sure to pull up the coupon on my phone and went to check out. Imagine my surprise when the cashier announced an amount over the original price!! I told her that the shirt had been on a reduced rack and she said she needed to verify. She walked over with me and we saw that there were multiples of that shirt on the rack. The sale sign clearly stated all *BrandName* (I won’t mention the brand) were reduced.

She did have to do a manual reduction to get the price to ring up since the scan was not working. I ended up getting my reduced price and the online coupon reduction so I paid $19.47 for the shirt after tax.

The moral of the story is to always check for online coupons AND double check the sale prices of your items.

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Photo by paulswansen