I am always looking for ways to save money and I think that in addition to bringing in your own lunch you can also bring in your own snacks.

I love having food readily available to me as I get cranky when I am hungry.

I mean really, REALLY cranky.

It can be so easy to run to the vending machine (well not for me since I don’t carry cash) and get a snack to tide you over but when you think of the cost of vending machine snacks and how they add up over time it is just not practical.

I prefer to eat fruits instead of cookies and chips and other packaged foods so I buy them at the grocery store and package them at home instead. I have a few sandwich bags that hold just the right amount for a snack so I feel satisfied through the day.

It is really easy to get your snacks ready and you only need to follow a few steps if you have washable snacks like grapes.

* Buy fruits

* Wash fruits

* Dry fruits

* Package fruits

If you have fruits like apples then you would need to insert one more step

* Slice fruits

in order to make your snack package work.

Just follow those few simple steps and you will have snacks ready in  a handy format. Having those prepackaged snacks will make it easier for you to have healthy options when it comes to snack time and this is good for your wallet AND your waistline.