I have seen a number of people posting about how to save money on pet food storage. These people claim that you can simply buy larger bags, cans or pouches of food and then store the excess in smaller containers until it is ready to be used.

I completely agree with this and I have been using an extra pyrex dish to store the extra wet food in the fridge for my cat. I keep seeing people pushing these ‘pet food lids’ which are simply a lid that fits over the top of the opened can. That way you open a can and feed your pet and then put the lid over the remainder of the food in the can and place the entire thing into the fridge.


I think you can save money on pet food storage by NOT buying a pricey ‘pet food lid’ as I have seen some of them run at 2 for $10. I think a better way would be to use the storage solutions you already have on hand. I bought a set of pyrex dishes and there is never a point in time where I am using ALL of them at once. I simply wrote PET FOOD on a lid and use that to store the extra food.

The bonus to this is that I feel safer about storing food in a glass container, rather than having an opened can in the fridge.

So instead of spending money on a pet lid I simply use what I already have in abundance and end up saving money by not spending any!!!!!