I have been thinking about the ways I need to save money and I realize that I splurge when it comes to lotion and use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter…which is more expensive than some stuff that you can get most places.

I know it is not the cheapest lotion that you can buy but I like to use quality stuff on my sensitive skin . I know that I need to save money wherever I can so I started thinking about how I could save money while still enjoying my favorite body lotion.

Now I usually buy the tub of solid cocoa butter and just use as I need from the tub. I like this format because it allows me to get all of the cocoa butter out of the tub so I make sure I get my money’s worth and use all of it.

I recently decided to buy the pump version of the lotion and I used from the bottle until it ceased to pump.

I was about to throw the bottle away when I decided to cut it open to see if I could salvage anything from the bottom of the bottle.

It really was a good decision that I made to cut open the bottle as shown below because I was able to salvage a large amount of lotion from the bottom of the cut bottle.

I used a knife to cut the bottle in two pieces and shook out as much as I could of the lotion from the bottle into the tub.

I then used a spoon (yeah ghetto I know) to scrape the remainder of the lotion into the tub and as you can see it was enough to make a big pile in the tub.

The image on the left is what the bottle looks like and there is the spoon I used to scrape the lotion out.

After I scraped all that I could using the spoon I wiped off the excess and used it to moisturize my hands after I washed the dishes later on.

The image on the right is what the tub looked like after I finished scraping all the cocoa butter from the other bottle.

I was able to save money by cutting open that bottle of lotion because it has enough to last me a few more days. I would have had to run out to get more lotion….but because of cutting and scraping I now have more lotion to last a few more days.

I feel a bit more frugal now and I guess I can add this to the list of things I do to save money .