I have a saving goal for 2021 that I wanted to share. This is a financial goal I’ve been working on for a while. I sometimes start and stop it as things change. I want to complete this goal by the end of 2021.

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save in the piggy bank

Saving Goal

My saving goal for the year of 2021 is to fund the Never Go Back To Fresno Fund to $10,000. This is a savings account that I have set up within my Capital One bank. Capital One allows you to make multiple savings accounts.

The Fresno fund started as a joke. It was because of a show where one of the characters had a huge savings account. She grew up in Fresno and vowed to never return. That area had some bad childhood memories and she wanted to be rid of them. She started a savings account and called it the Never Go Back to Fresno Fund.

The show was one of my favorites and that fund really resonated with me. I started my own Fresno fund and had been adding to it as best as I could. There were some rough patches where I had to use the money…but I did not go back to my own ‘Fresno’.

I set up a some automatic transfers to the account of $5 a month. Now, I know this is not a lot but there were just times I needed to have money free. Now that things have settled a bit I want to add larger transfers from every paycheck and end the year with $10,000 in that account.

If I do not make the goal that will be ok. If I make it then I will be very happy. So, the point of this exercise is just to see if I can do it.

Do you have a saving goal for the year?