I received a payment from a sponsor of $77 for How I Save Money. I am snowflaking this payment out into two different areas. $50 will be a snowflake payment to the Citi Visa card and the remaining $27 will be snowflaked over to my Never Go Back To Fresno Fund, which is my Emergency Fund.

I am happy that I received this money and while it would be good to put a larger amount into my emergency fund the interest rate on the credit card debt is higher than the interest rate on the savings account.

I am putting that small snowflake payment down to go as soon as the money clears so that way I will have a balance on the credit card that is $50 less to pay interest on.

My electricity bill was also about $33 less than what I had budgeted for so I will be sending that $33 as a snowflake payment over to the Citi card to take down the balance even more.

ING makes it Easy.
I love using my Electric Orange account from ING because I can simply go in and click to send the checks for each of those amounts. Since it is a check I am not limited in the number of payments I can make to the card and it is refreshing to see the balances go down each time I save money somewhere.