I reuse the small plastic bags that I get from Walmart as trash bags. I stick the small bags in my dustbins in the bathroom, living room and bedroom and so I do not have to buy garbage bags for those small bins.

I do use a large store bought trash bag for the kitchen and then I can aggregate all the small bags into that large one as well and make one trip out to the trash can outside.

I have also been using candles quite a bit in the bathroom. The bathroom gets a good deal of light from one candle which I place in front of the mirror so the light is reflected all throughout the room.

Not only do I get a wonderful scent when I am in the bathroom but I also get to save some money on the electric bill. The cost of the candle is negligible when compared to the electricity it costs to light the room.

I will have to find some more ways to be frugal since honey is moving out in a few days to start the wonderful new job.