Many restaurants offer a survey on the receipt that will give you a discount on a future purchase.  I always fill out this survey even if I may not shop there within the limited time frame that the discount applies to.

I have a few friends who do not fill out the survey because they believe the time taken to answer the questions is not worth the $1 or $2 that you generally get. One example is a Chinese food place we usually go to that offers a free entree on the next visit. I usually get the seafood entree, which garners an additional charge on the bill. In this case the survey takes a couple of minutes and I would just get a free entree on my next visit.

I love freebiess

Even if I don’t have plans to eat there in the next week, it is still a good idea to complete the survey because they would honor it the next time I go. I never know when something may happen and I might actually need to use the reduced amount!

I also fill out the surveys from grocery stores even though everyone tells me that they are fake and no one ever wins. I still try on the hope that I might get something out of it but at the very least I will do the ones that give an instant discount code, even if I end up not using it.

Do you fill out the surveys on your receipts?