I am taking a break from buying body products like lotions, shower gels, and perfumes. I have been able to get  a little stockpile from various shopping trips and I have enough to last a while.

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In fact I don’t need to buy any of these items for the rest of this month and certainly not for the month of June either. I got a few body oils and whipped body creams from a sale that Ulta had in the past and I use those on a daily basis.  I was able to haul a few things from the recent sale at Bath and Body Works, including the Mother’s Day Tote bundle for $30. I also have a few half-used lotions from regular Walmart purchases and I figure I can make it through the next few weeks without buying any more.

bath and body works

Here are the items I will NOT purchase again any time before July (unless the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale pops up before then):


-Scented candles (not body products, but I have a lot from B&BW)


-Body mist

-Shower gel

-Bath bombs

-Soap bars

I think some of the items may last me longer than two months. I currently have 3 of the Bath and Body Works shower gels so I think those can last about a month each, even with regular use. They may actually last more than a month, depending on how I use them but I have never actually monitored how long a bottle will last. I just set this two month goal to make it more manageable!

As I mentioned earlier, if Bath and Body Works does have the semi-annual sale before my shopping hiatus then I will buy more of these items since the lower prices draw me in. I don’t EVER buy their products at the regular price, especially since I think $22.50 is too much for a candle, no matter how long they last. I do buy the candles when they are on sale at 2 for $24 because I think that $12 is a good price for what you get.

I love buying these items on sale because they last a very long time and can be stockpiled when you get a good deal. I usually can also gift any excess or donate to a local shelter if I find that storage space is becoming an issue.

Are you stocked up on any items that you can take a shopping break from?