I went from being a struggling college student to a working individual to unemployed and I operate on a very tight budget. I am very interested in how people find creative ways to save money.

ChaseFreedom1 I amassed a large amount of credit card debt while going through college because I was broke. I used the cards to pay ALL of my bills and then just paid the minimum payments on them because that was all I could afford at the time.

I also had a very unfortunate situation where I had to take out a very large loan and that pushed me further into debt. I have always paid my cards on time, even if sometimes all I could pay was the minimum payment on each card.

I actually started this blog without thinking about my finances and then it evolved into a report about my money. I love to write and have always kept a diary so I was just looking for things on the internet that I could use to write an electronic journal. I found out about blogging when I found this girl’s blog where she was talking about gray contact lenses. I was looking at getting some grey contact lenses so I was looking for pictures online, along with reviews of different brands.

I then found a few personal finance bloggers when I started my own blog and I was drawn into the world of personal finance blogging.

You can track my progress towards getting rid of my debt here and check for frequent updates.

Feel free to check out my Amazon Store where you can find any of the personal finance books listed on the site.