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Simplified Budget For 2015

In the spirit of simplifying life I have once again attempted a simplified budget for this year. When I first started budgeting I had a crazy budget that was extremely detailed I had sub categories within categories and the budget was just really too complicated to sustain for very long. I realized that I needed a simplified...

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Rising Gas Prices Don’t Bother Me

Rising gas prices don’t bother me this summer. I know that the price at the pump is steadily increasing but my budget already has this accounted for. I simply set a monthly budget for gas in my zero based budget in Mint. I then allow Mint to roll over any unused amounts so that if I don’t spend the full amount in...

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Oops Just Went Over The Car Budget

I had a few car expenses come up this month that put me over the budget for the month. I had the money to pay for everything because I have a Car Fund as part of my zero based budget. I put in a set amount of money into a sub account every single month and that amount builds up in a little emergency fund until I should ever...

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Financial Month In Review: March 2014

It is time to do a check up of my financial month so that I can see where I stand. I have been using a rolling budget since the beginning of the year and I need to do periodical checks to see if I am on the right track financially. The rolling budget is very simple to set up and use. I created a zero based budget in Mint where...

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Budget Revision May 2013

So the time has come once again for me to revise the budget. Every few months I take a look at my budget and see if any changes need to be made and I go ahead and tweak the budget if I need to. I...

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Rolling Budget Concerns (In Mint)

When I decided to have a rolling budget for the entire year of  2013 I did not anticipate the problems that were potentially associated with such a venture. I previously had my budget set up in Mint and it would reset the categories every month. I also kept a spreadsheet where I could enter my receipts on a daily basis and...

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Revised Rolling Budget For 2013

I have tweaked my budget and revised my budget as my situation changes and the beginning of 2013 is no exception to those changes to the budget. This is probably the simplest budget I have had in a...

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To Do List For 2013

Well the time has come once again to make a list of resolutions for the new year. Some people prefer to call it their list of goals and even others just say it is their big To Do List. Whatever you...

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Tweaked The Budget For 2013

Hello again, In an effort to simplify my life I have once again decided to tweak my budget. I tweaked the budget in the past a few times to make life easier. I am once again a full time student so I...

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