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Mint Issues With Capital One

I am experiencing Mint issues with Capital One. The two systems randomly stopped working with each other two days ago. If you are experiencing syncing issues or just want to know about mine keep...

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Where Am I With My Rolling Budget For 2014?

I decided to have a one year rolling budget this year so I could have a better idea of how much I really spent and made (apart from my salary) over the course of one year. I used to simply do a rolling budget on a monthly basis and would reset all the budget categories every month so they would not roll over to the following...

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The Rolling Budget Is Working Out Nicely

I decided to give the rolling budget another try and even though it is only the second month I am please with what I see. With a rolling budget what you do is similar to the envelope method, except you don’t use physical envelopes or cash. I do all my purchases on credit cards (and pay them off every week) but treat...

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Taking A Break From Manual Tracking

I have been using a combination of Mint and a Google docs spreadsheet to keep track of my expenses. Every time I have a receipt I will enter it manually into my spreadsheet because that way I have a...

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Rolling Budget Concerns (In Mint)

When I decided to have a rolling budget for the entire year of  2013 I did not anticipate the problems that were potentially associated with such a venture. I previously had my budget set up in Mint and it would reset the categories every month. I also kept a spreadsheet where I could enter my receipts on a daily basis and...

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I Just Figured Out What I Was Doing Wrong In Mint

I have been using Mint.com to track my finances and help keep me on track with my zero based budget for a while now. Mint shows your spending as three colors according to how well you are sticking to the budget. Green means you are way below budget Yellow means you are getting near your budget limit Red means you have gone...

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How I Pay My Bills

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back