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Capital One Now Offers Credit Score Monitoring

Those of you who use Capital One Credit cards will be pleased to know that Capital One now offers credit score monitoring. Look out for a banner at the top of your account when you log in. To access your credit score all you have to do is click where it says Start Tracking Now. You will then be taken to a page that tracks your...

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Always Monitor Your Credit Report

I had my students pull up their credit report for an assignment a few monthss ago and they were supposed to write a report on what they found. One of my students got a very unpleasant experience when he pulled up his report because he found out that someone had been using his personal information to get credit accounts set up....

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Credit Counseling vs. Debt Consolidation (Guest Post)

If you’re struggling with multiple debt accounts at the same time, figuring out a way to combine your payments into one can be a lifesaver. You could find yourself saving money on interest and putting more money towards paying down the debt. Both debt consolidation and credit counseling offer similar services that could...

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Credit Score 740 From Experian

I just took a look at my free credit report and credit score from Experian, via Quizzle and saw that my reported score was 740. Quizzle provides you with one free credit report every 180 days so that you can monitor how creditors see you. I love that the free service also tracks your credit score so you can see the trends in...

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Credit Score Report Card From CreditKarma

I have been using Credit Karma for a while now to track one free credit score. They recently introduced the Credit Report Card which gives you a grade on various aspects of things that make up your credit score. If you are not already a member of Credit Karma I suggest that you go over there right now and sign up for an...

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Help A Reader: Bad Credit

Hello everyone!!! I recently got the following comment from a reader and wanted to include you all in the assistance process. “How would I start to fix just horrible credit? I doubt I will ever be able to come out of it, but I now know the horrible truth that I wasnt taught at a younger age. I have defaulted on every...

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Chase (ing) MyPoints

I have used MyPoints for years now because I love the rewards that I get from them. MyPoints is a program that basically pays you to read their advertising emails from partners. You get points for every email that you click through and then you can redeem these points for gift cards to certain retailers. If you would like to...

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Credit Card Craziness!

Credit card companies sometimes do some really strange things that just confuse me. I have a card that I do not use currently because I am getting better offers from some other cards. I received a new card in the mail from the company and this immediately spurred me to check my credit report because I had not ordered a new...

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