This blog is mainly about how I find ways to save money and I have tried a LOT of different things in the past. I read other blogs to look for tips on things I can do to reduce my expenses so that I can work on reducing debt and building wealth.

I have found a few frugal tips out that have been great and there also a few that really freak me out!!!! I decided to start a little series of Frugal Tips That I will NOT try so you can get a better idea of some of the things I think are too extreme.

One of the tips that I will not follow is to Cut Dryer Sheets In Half. I think that for me this is a really ridiculous thing to do in order to save a little bit of money. First of all we don’t NEED dryer sheets….I went through college not using them and did not notice that much of a difference in the clothes. I really only use dryer sheets now because I like the scent!

Dryer sheets are basically cheap per sheet (no I will NOT calculate the cost of an individual sheet!!!!!!), especially when I use coupons or ECBs from CVS. I sometimes throw in TWO dryer sheets in one load of laundry!!!!!

Living on the edge here!

I will not cut a sheet in half to save money because I think that sometimes we can go too far in trying to be frugal. Do YOU cut your dryer sheets in half?