Lately I have been getting a lot of pressure about having children and it is mainly from my coworkers. My father has mentioned his lack of grandkids more than once, especially since HIS brother already has a couple from my cousin.

I am my father’s only child so I am really getting a lot of pressure from him, although I think if he was so serious about having grandchildren then he should have raised his odds by having more than one child right?

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I keep thinking that if my mother were still alive then I would be more open to having children because she would be around to help me with the pregnancy and the baby and all that.

In any case having a child is a BIG decision (or at least it SHOULD be) and that is just not a decision I want to make right now. I think that if I were absolutely sure then I would have a child but since I have doubts (for various reasons) then I should not rush into that just because EVERYONE else thinks I should.