I am not getting married BUT I have been reading a few bridal magazines lately. I found out that many people tend to go overboard and go over their budgets when a wedding comes around.

Here is a wedding money mistake that people often make.

2. Not Reading the Fine Print

Don’t EVER sign any contract the minute it is presented to you. You need to take time to carefully read everything in the contract before you make commitment.  Sometimes you can negotiate the contract terms to better fit your needs once you get a real understanding of what the contractor is offering.

You will not die if you do not sign the papers right away so make sure you take the time to carefully go over everything so that you do not get locked into something that you cannot handle.

Some caterers charge for things like

* cutting the cake

* uncorking the wine

* serving guests

so you might want to find out if those are fees that you can avoid by having someone from the bridal party do it instead.