I found this site called WallyPop that sells Resuable Family Toilet Wipes.



For the family.

Now these wipes are simply cloths that you use instead of toilet paper, sort of like baby wipes. The main difference is that unlike baby wipes, these wipes are made of a washable material….sort of like cloth diapers.

You use the wipe and then toss it into some container and wash in the machine when you have a load (pardon the pun).

Now I am all about finding ways to save money but this one strikes me as a little bit too frugal. I really cannot fathom using a cloth wipe and then having it sit somewhere until I can wash it and then reusing that cloth…even if it is washed in bleach and hot water.

I guess they could make the analogy that your underwear does get some er ‘stuff’ on it sometimes and yet you still wash and wear it…but this is different.

Would you use reusable toilet wipes?

Talk it up and let me know what you think.