Every Friday I post on my weekly income and expenses in an effort to keep on track of my budget for the month. By breaking down my transactions on a weekly basis I can see where my money is going and see if I am going to be able to stay under my total budget for the month.

This week I spent $45.05 on household items including vitamins and toilet bowl cleaner from my online shipper. I am currently in an area where it is really hard to find coupons so I have been doing all my household items shopping online using a combination of MyPoints and online cashback sites.


Tuition is due by the middle of next week and I am spreading the payments over my four credit cards. I am doing this for two reasons. One reason is to not have too much on any one card and other is to see which cards will give me cash back for tuition. I already know that one of my cards gives me 1% cash back so it will get the biggest portion of the tuition payment but I need to see what happens with the other three cards.

Rent was also due this week so that got paid with the regular card that gives me cash back so I earned some points just for paying my rent!!

I will be making another tuition payment tomorrow and then the last two installments will come out some time next week to ease the burden of the large bill that I have. When I created my rolling budget I forgot that paying tuition will make the numbers look off because I have a separate account for tuition that is not included in my monthly spending.

I have rolling deposits that are added to the tuition fund but they are much smaller than the amount that comes out at the beginning of the semester. So my numbers in Mint will be over for tuition but I will still keep track of my google document to make sure I am under the total budget. Of course I can always skip tracking in google because as long as I am under my total budget in all categories the amount in Mint should only be over the scheduled budget by the amount of tuition.