I was so very excited to see that my apartment complex was offering rent payments online. I can already pay my rent with my Chase Freedom Visa card and earn points for cash back.

Unlike some other places, my apartment complex does not charge extra for paying via credit card so I was very happy about that.

Then I noticed that they were offering an online payment option. Oh yeah!

ChaseFreedom1This would make it even easier for me because now I could pay my rent from the comfort of my own room.

I registered for the site and was ready to pay the water bill today when I noticed this little statement on the bottom of the page.

A $9.95 convenience fee will be added to this transaction.


I am not going to pay $9.95 to pay the bill online when I can pay it without additional charges by stopping at the office on my way home.

I guess I will just have to use the Chase card in the office and get the points that way instead of trying to do it online.