I did not actually misplace the card..it was closed due to inactivity. I received a letter in the mail telling me that one of the credit cards that I own was closed because I had not used it in a long time. It was not one of my older cards, nor was it a card with a high limit so I am not too upset at losing it. I had been thinking about reducing the number of cards that I have and just keeping the three oldest ones which also have the highest limits and best rewards.

That way I would have a Discover, a Visa and a Master card to my name. I am not concerned right now about the hit to my credit score because of the reduction in my available credit, but I do think about the fact that the reason listed for the closing is NOT “closed at consumer’s request.”

I think I need to just bite the bullet on the cards that I do not use and go ahead and close them now and have that statement added than to wait and have the cards closed by the company.