Welcome to the January 22, 2007 edition of carnival of money stories.

Tom Lydon presents 10 New ETF Trends for 2007 | ETF Trends posted at ETF Trends.

Maureen presents Retirement Income Planning ? The 5-Year Rule ? Empty Nest posted at Empty Nest, saying, “A guide to retirement income planning using a five year rule that’s easy to understand and apply”

Matthew Paulson presents Whole Life Insurance is a Rip-off, 100% of the Time! posted at Getting Green.

2 Pennies Earned presents The Case for Renter’s Insurance posted at 2 Pennies Earned.

Praveen presents My Simple Trading System: Welcome from a Born-Again Simpleton posted at My Simple Trading System.

Tom Murphy presents Allowing international eBay bidders – yes or no? posted at PGA Auctions , saying, “There is money to be made in selling to the world marketplace…. but it takes some extra effort.”

Michael K. Dawson presents Free Credit Report posted at The Time and Money Group .

Bill presents Good Debt, Bad Debt, No Debt posted at Ask Uncle Bill, saying, “Maybe sudent loans aren’t such a great idea.”

A Samuel presents Established overseas property markets attract city bonus spending in 2007 posted at Nubricks.com.

Mark McManus presents How EVERYONE Can Get Rich – A Practical How To? posted at Build Your Life To Order ™ , saying, “This article is a very practical, step by step method of how anyone can become a millionaire – seriously.”


Vahid Chaychi presents The First Step to Start Working From Home posted at Work at Home Entrepreneurs , saying, “Home based business is one of the main kinds of business. It is easier than other kinds of business but you should learn how to start and manage it.”

Ruben presents How to Turn Your Adsense Earning from $10 to $800 a Week: Techniques and Strategy Disclosed posted at Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine.

Scott Lee presents Public Experiment #1 – Using the Law of Attraction :: Part 1 posted at Dirty Mechanism.


Sagar Satapathy presents Banks Blamed for Debt Down Under posted at Credit Card Lowdown.

Murad Ali presents A Nation Without Leaders: A Poll On American Fears posted at The New Business World.

Joseph presents More questions that will prevent impulse spending posted at penny pinching.


Big Cajun Man presents Rant: Buying Cheques From a Bank, I am a Shmuck posted at Canadian Financial Rants, saying, “Why am I paying this much to buy cheques from my bank?”

Arun presents Money DOES Matter posted at Arun is bringing you…Your Daily Remedy , saying, “This is why Money definitely matters!”

Jimmy Atkinson presents Top 25 Personal Finance Myths posted at Ask the Advisor .

Paul presents Recovering Financially from a Divorce posted at ExtremePerspective, saying, “how I recovered from financial losses due to divorce”

John presents Queercents ? Fundamentals of Finance: What’s the Big Fuss? posted at Queercents, saying, “John recently joined Queercents as a contributing writer. By day, John is a corporate litigation paralegal for a mid-size law firm in downtown San Francisco but he’s on a quest to save money and open his own coffee shop. The pursuit of start-up capital is what awakened John to an unexpected passion in his life: finance. This is the start of his story…”

Ruben presents How to Become the Next Millionaire Blogger posted at Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To Prosperity posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

John presents Are you happy? posted at OhCash.com, saying, “What’s the point of living if you’re not happy? All the cash in the world will not bring you happiness if you don’t know how to live. Discover where to concentrate energy to make money more usefull.”

Will Chen presents A Brief History of Internet Gluttony, or How to Fill Your Mailbox in a Few Simple Steps posted at Wisebread, saying, “Jessica shares tips on how to get the most out of Internet freebies. She also reminisces about the good old days when every two-bit dot.com will send you a shirt and a bag of gold nuggets just for signing up for their mailing list.”

Murad Ali presents Tax Time: How to Select the Best Accountant? posted at The New Business World.

makingourway presents How would you explain this to your spouse… posted at makingourway, saying, “Examining how you would handle an expensive accident sheds light onto the financial and trust dynamics in your marriage.”

Corey presents Don?t Rely The Lottery posted at myopiniononeverything.com.


Market Poetry presents A Dozen Reasons Why I Shorted Google posted at Market Poetry , saying, “Thanks and g’luck with the carnival!”

Bryan C. Fleming presents Million Dollar Savings Club Update: Day 135 posted at Bryan C. Fleming.

Vahid Chaychi presents Why You Should Trade ETFs & Mutual Funds Rather Than Individual Stocks posted at Work at Home Entrepreneurs.

Vahid Chaychi presents Why You Should Use a Stop Loss and Profit Protect Discipline posted at Work at Home Entrepreneurs.

Chuck Russell presents A COOL Concept To Make Money posted at Make Money Online .

makingourway presents Do MBAs know anything about investing? Not many! posted at makingourway, saying, “Surrounded by MBAs at Big Company, I asked a representative one how she managed her 401k. You should see the answer….”

Net Worth

Big Cajun Man presents What’s your Pension Worth? posted at Canadian Financial Rants , saying, “An important aspect of your net worth, if you are working is what your pension is going to be worth.”


Ruben presents How Much Money Successful Bloggers Are Making Online? posted at Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine.

Steve Faber presents You May Have Thousands of Dollars Out There – How to Get It posted at DebtBlog.

Guhan presents Make money online Weekly report – 8th week posted at Make money online with internetbazaar tips!, saying, “This is about my blogging journey. See how I am progressing.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents The Web’s Fatal Transactions posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “These are cautionary tales about how to handle yourself over the net, especially when money…or love is involved.”

Robert D Flach presents HOW I MADE OVER $4,500 BY WATCHING GOOD MORNING AMERICA! ? PART ONE posted at THE WANDERING TAX PRO, saying, “This is a two-part posting. Part 2 is at: http://wanderingtaxpro.blogspot.com/2007/01/how-i-made-over-4500-by-watching-good_19.html

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