So one of my credit cards just informed me that I have a new lower credit card rate for purchases. The original rate was 17.99% and they have now graciously lowered it to 13.99%. I never pay attention to the rates on my credit cards because those only matter if you carry a balance from month to month.

While the drop of 4 percentage points seems like a great improvement I am really not impressed. I don’t care what the interest rate on my credit cards is for purchases because I simply do not pay interest on my purchases.

While I do use my cards on a daily basis for everything from rent payments to groceries, I do not carry a balance. I used a number of different payment strategies but I am currently employing the once a week payment method. I track my credit card purchases on a spreadsheet (as I am using one or two different cards every month) and I simply shoot off a payment every week for the purchases made that week. Every card therefore gets four payments for the month it is used in and I do not ever carry a balance because all payments are zeroed out at the end of the month.

I do look at the rates and terms of my cards every now and then. Just because I say i do not care it does not mean that I ignore my financial situation. It simply means that I do not let the little things like an interest rate for purchases bother me because I do not carry a balance. Since I treat the credit card like a debit card and get it paid off immediately the interest rate could be either 0% or 27% and it would not make a difference.

What is the interest rate on your cards and when was the last time you got a rate reduction?