I just paid off one of my debts not too recently and I am now setting up to tackle one more debt. The next target in my debt reduction plan is the Chase credit card. This card has $374.45 left on it and I am going to work on paying it down.

I am posting the amount here because it is a smallish amount on the card. I will not be posting the other balances until they get down to around this amount because the debts owed are embarrassingly high.

I have entered the figures into the debt snowball calculator which shows that I will be finished with the payments in January of 2009 if I continue to make payments of $30 a month on the card. I plan to make bigger payments than that so that I can be out of debt much sooner. In fact I plan to have this card paid off (while still maintaining my snowball payments) by the end of September 2007.

I will let you know how it goes.