I have been seeing a lot of people talking lately about credit cards and how they are evil. In the defense of the cards I just have to say that credit cards are neither evil nor good. They are simply pieces of plastic.

What you DO with the card is what is important. If you manage your cards well then you will have a great relationship and you will love your cards.

creditcard.jpgIf you treat the cards with disrespect then you will feel like the card is evil because of all the negative things that you associate with the card.? Many people just charge without thinking of the effects of their actions. They charge things? which they cannot afford and then are not able to pay the bill when it comes. These are the people who will see credit cards as evil.

Some people carefully plan out their purchases and make sure they have enough money to take care of the credit card bill when it comes due. These people max out their rewards from using cash back or points cards and they reap the benefits when it is time to cash in the rewards. These are the people who will see credit cards as good.

We all need to see credit cards as simple pieces of plastic and realize that it is our actions that determine the kind of relationship we will have with our cards in the future.

By all means use your credit card….but do so responsibly.