This is a follow up to Crazy Things that Kill Your Credit Score…Part 1 of 2 where I spoke about the first two items on the list.

Here are the two other strange items that can really ding your credit score in a bad way.

Using Limitless Cards

Library fines and other fees

Let us take a deeper look at these two items and how they can end up having a negative effect on your credit score.

Using Limitless Cards

Limitless cards are basically those cards that do not report what the actual credit limit is. creditcard.jpgThese cards report what your highest balance is and the credit bureaus use this as their guide.

A situation like this can really hurt your credit score because it looks like you are using a higher percentage of your credit than you actually are. if you are using a card that does not accurately report your credit limit then you should contact the customer service department right away.

Get the card to report your credit limit and in a few weeks there should be an adjustment to your credit score.

Library fines and other fees

If you have library fines or parking tickets that are unpaid then you better be prepared for a lower credit score. These items are reported to the credit bureaus as a slap on the wrist for negligent people and the few points that they take off your score can really add up over time.

Pay the library fines quickly so the payments can be reported to the credit bureaus and then you can be on the path to getting a better score.

If you have parking tickets then try to get those cleared up as well. Do what it takes now because the credit bureaus do take a while to update your scores after all your payments post.

If you can take care of these small items then you do stand a better chance of not having your score drop as much as someone who overlooks these cases.