I usually LOVE going to CVS but there was one time I had a really bad experience with a cashier. This is a series of reposts about that original experience.

Ring Me Up Again

I decided to still get the toothpaste and toothbrush along with some other items that DID have ECBs. I have been at the register for about 20 minutes now..but since there is no one else in line I am patient.  I hand over all my items and all the coupons and the ECBs and tell her to ring me up.

She looks at the coupons suspiciously and proceeds to read every one individually like I am trying to cheat the system or something.

The total comes up to $1.23 and she asks how I will be paying. I tell her I will use cash and a gift card and hand over the $0.74 that she gave me earlier. I guess she really thinks I am crazy because she says ‘This is $0.74 and the total is $1.23.’

I say I know this and I will pay the balance on the gift card. She gives me another crazy look (how many have I gotten for the day now?) and tells me to swipe the gift card.

Now is it just me or does she have to enter the cash BEFORE I swipe the gift card?

Gift Card Issues….Part Two

I tell her to go ahead and take the cash and I will pay the balance with the card. She grudgingly takes the money and I swipe the card and hit ‘Money Card’. The monitor says ‘Please Wait…Processing Transaction’ so I smile and wait for it to go through.

She thinks it is not going through or I am being a &!#$% so she says I have to give her the card. I am watching the little bubbles fill in as the transaction is being processed so I say ‘no, I already swiped the card.’

Ms. Cashier-Who-Needs-More-Training rolls her eyes at me and says the card does not work at the register and she has to do it manually. I told her I always swipe my card and it always works.

Now I am really feeling like being a %$#@^ towards her so I decide that I will NOT hand her my card this time (all while PRAYING that it does work) and about two seconds later the register spits out the receipt and my $12.97 ECB.

I told her ‘SEE! It DOES work…all you have to do is be patient!

I guess she was mad that I got over $25 worth of items and only paid $1.23 AND got $12.97 in ECB that I will use next week.

She works every Sunday….so we shall see what happens next week. Baz said she will probably spit on  me the next time I show up because I am a ‘problem customer’.

I am going to call the corporate office about her, with all the eye rolling and the incompetence because she needs to be retrained. She does not know that the gift card can be swiped because she does not let it take the ten seconds it needs. She assumes it is stuck because it takes longer than the credit cards but that is not an issue that I can fix.

I actually ended up not calling the customer service hotline although I should have done so.