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We all feel the need to live healthier or to feel better from time to time. Perhaps it was an overeating binge or simply the overindulgence of too much unhealthy food that can cause us to feel disgusting.

What you may not realize is that sometimes your food choices can make you literally sick. If you are eating a great deal of foods that are loaded with fat, additives and preservatives, then you are likely ingesting far too much chemicals into your body.

That coupled with environmental factors can mean that you need to learn how to quickly and effectively detoxify your body. The best news is that detoxifying your body does not need to be break you, either. The simplest ways to detox are free, or in some cases of nominal cost. Some of them may actually save you money!

Here we look at the best ways to detoxify your body—quickly, easily, and affordably!

Tips For Simple Body Detox

Drink Lots of Water. This is simple but highly effective if you want to work towards detoxifying your body. Water helps to flush you out and keep your body running at its’ optimal state. By drinking plenty of water on a regular basis, you are helping to move out the bad things and keep the organs functioning as they should be.

Go for Liquids Only. It can be quite beneficial to go for a diet that is focused only on liquids for about 2-3 days to get rid of all the bad stuff that has built up in your body. Substituting solid foods, particularly those bad choices, for a diet of raw and fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be of great help in detoxifying your body and getting it back to a normal state.

Eat Plenty of Garlic. There’s a reason that this gem is found at the center of most home remedies. Garlic has natural properties that help to regulate how the body functions and most importantly help you to get rid of toxins and chemicals that build up leaving you feeling sick.

Quit Smoking. Smoking can add some serious damage through the chemicals it introduces to the body. By quitting smoking, you are helping to get rid of these chemicals and may be surprised at just how quickly your body starts running at the desired pace.

Get a Massage. The intensity used in a massage can help to literally push out the toxins that build up within the body. This is good not only for your mental well being, but can help you to feel better almost instantly. Just be sure to drink plenty of water to push out the toxins in the process.

Exercise. Not only is exercise good for you, but it can help to move out all of the bad and less than desirable build up within the body. Even a brisk walk can do wonders for a body detoxifying and keep your running at your best rate.

Take Your Vitamins. This may sound very obvious, but taking a multi-vitamin each and every day can do wonders not only to build up your immune system but also in helping to detoxify your body. It can also help to ensure that you prevent the need for a detoxification in the future.

No doubt you’ve seen all the ads for the costly detox concoctions all over the net and TV. You can achieve the same results at home, for much less or for no cost at all, just by following these simple healthy tips for easy body detoxification.