I have been adding some things to the sidebars and taking some things off. I reduced the number of categories that I post on because when I checked the stats some of the categories only had 4 or 5 posts. I managed to streamline my posting categories and I may cut this down some more in the future.

I have added the John Chow blidget to my site and I am thinking of adding the ProBlogger one in order to help generate some interest in this blog. I may remove the blidgets if I see that they are not benefitting this site in any way at all. I have also updated the links in the blogroll and I may move the NCN badge over to the blogroll section to free up some space in the sidebars.

I am thinking of taking off the ING badge because I have not had any success with it. Although I adore ING and find it very easy to use, they currently have one of the lowest savings rates in the online banking world….so I guess no one wants to sign up as my referral for that. I will still keep my account with them although it is not the primary one that I have.

I will also be taking off the Carnival Of Credit Report stories badge once the carnival posts on February 13th so that will clear up some space in the left sidebar.

I do appreciate any comments, questions or suggestions you have for the look of the blog so you can email me or put it in the comments.