You guys may have noticed that there is a small link in the right sidebar, below the John Chow blidget. This link is to the Page Rank 10 project which is a project started to get that page to a ten in google’s ranking system.

I have added the link because I think we all need some kind of support when we are working on a goal. The founders of the page have decided to give the domain away free when it reaches the page rank of ten to the person who sent in the most referrals. I have just joined the project because all you do is put one tiny little bit of code in to your site and leave it alone.

If you have a very high traffic blog then I guess you will get more referrals than I do …but it is still good effort I think. I am not doing it to get the domain but to help out someone else because I have received good help for my blog. So check it out…sign them and let’s get that page up in the rankings!