Today I did not spend any money on anything. For the month I have spent a total of $14.24 on food and personal items which was in the form of the gift card. I will be needing to get some groceries soon since my stocks from the December purchases are starting to run low.

I transferred two credit card balances to the Capital One card because I have a zero percent interest deal for a while. I will pay the Capital One bill once the money transfer from PayPal to my checking account is complete…which should be in three days.

I did get the tiny little payment from LoudLaunch today and I was happy to get that because I know that LoudLaunch does pay. I had an issue with PayPerPost because on the day they were supposed to send out the payment they rejected the post saying it could not be found. Huh? This is the same post that has been up and ‘unmessedaroundwith’ since it was initially approved so I don’t see how this could happen.

I am waiting to see what happens now because I resubmitted the post and hopefully I will get the problem fixed.