This morning I was getting some things ready at my desk when a coworker walked in. She had some food from the cafeteria like she always does and she asked if I wanted any of it. Now this lady, and many other people out here, always has breakfast from the cafeteria when she gets here.

I told her that I had already eaten at home so I was fine. She then asked if I ate breakfast EVERY day at home before I came in to work.

My answer was YES and I guess this surprised her. She said she did not know of anyone who ate breakfast at home before going in to work. Apparently I am the only person here who makes and eats breakfast at home.

The other people here either stop at (Sonic, KFC, McDonalds…..etc) to get something to eat or they go over to the cafeteria (who VOLUNTARILY eats cafeteria food anyway?) to start off the day.

Now I do not have a huge continental breakfast every day. It is usually something simple just like a sandwich and a cup of tea. Sometimes I will have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and think that is a great start to my day.

I do not see why people cannot do something like that and would rather spend money and wait in line each day just to get food that they could easily prepare at home.

Does anyone else out there MAKE breakfast instead of BUYING it each day?