If you look over in the left sidebar you may notice a new widget that has been added to the blog lately. This is my EntreCard widget and I have been using it to promote this site and drive some traffic to other sites.

EntreCard is a little bit like a blogroll, except that it only features one site at a time and it changes daily.

I found this feature through John Chow and Problogger who both use EntreCard with great success. EntreCard is like a business card for your blog that you leave with other blogs. You can drop your card on other sites and if they are interested then they come visit you.

You earn credits through EntreCard by performing various activities and these credits can be used to get a spot on another blog where you can advertise your own blog.

How I Save Money is currently being advertised on Financial Freedom because I used some of my credits to get a spot there.

This is an interesting concept and I was not aware of how many blogs actually use the system until I started to browse the blogs in my niche. If you do not already have your EntreCard I encourage you to get one so that you can find new blogs within your niche to visit and have them come visit you too.