I just came across a few ways that people claim they save money. Some of the tips are so extreme that they just come across as being ridiculous to me.

One person says you can save money by buying two ply toilet paper and separating and re-rolling the single ply into two new rolls. This seems to be very time consuming to me and is it really worth the time and effort? Is the one roll of two ply toilet paper cheaper than the two rolls of single ply?

Ok maybe it is….but when you factor in the time taken to unroll once and reroll twice is the activity cost effective?

Then again if one sheet of two ply absorbs the same amount as two sheets of single ply shouldn’t you just use less squares of the two ply for whatever job is at hand?

I am just trying to see the pennies that come up as savings when you undertake a project such as this one.

Even if a six pack of two ply tissue was cheaper than a 12 pack of single ply I would not do the roll and unroll dance. I would simply use less of the two ply to get the same benefit. I think this is taking the word frugal to an unnecessary extreme and I do not really see the cost savings here.

What do you think?