Hey guys and gals. I have a few (well four actually) emails about comments that were made but never showed up. They have been swallowed by the blogosphere for some crazy reason (maybe because I ate all the tuna paste) and they are not showing up on the blog.

They are not in the spam.

They are not in the comments awaiting moderation.

They are not in the approved comments.

They are not in the comments that happen to slide by because my blog loves that other blog.

They have been emailed to an email address that is NOT the main email address on this blog.

They are not showing up in the MAIN EMAIL for this blog. I have no idea what happened. I am waiting on some help to get this fixed….but I do have your comments in my email and I will see what happens.

On another note….I am getting ALL of the spam I can deal with (so I guess I won’t go hungry after eating all the tuna!)