So by now I have let it be known that my mother has cancer. She was admitted to the hospital on June 23 and is having tests done. She is on an IV because she was so dehydrated.

I spent Monday and Tuesday at the hospital and she told me to stay home today and get some rest. I gave her a cellphone to call me and I have her room number so I can always get to her.

This morning when I spoke to her she said that she had some more Xrays done (this makes the third set) and she is having an endoscopy done today as well.

They put in a needle to her stomach yesterday and drained 6 liters of fluid from the cavity.

6 Liters!

That is six big soda bottles for those who can’t measure in liters.

The fluid has been sent off for testing but we do not have any results as yet. I am happy to be able to stay home today and get some rest but I am worried. She does not have anything to read except her bible and prayer books because she told me she did not want to to read. She also does not want to watch television and the hospital does not have her favorite channel anyway.

I am worried about her just lying there and being bored and not having anyone to talk to. I will be calling her a few times for the day but I just think that she will be bored and lonely. She keeps saying she is fine because she sleeps most of the day because of the heavy painkillers but I still feel bad.

Please keep her in your prayers so that she gets through the cancer.