I am not getting married BUT I have been reading a few bridal magazines lately. I found out that many people tend to go overboard and go over their budgets when a wedding comes around.

Here is a wedding money mistake that people often make.

7. Having The Incredible Growing Guest List

The list of wedding guests starts off small enough and then seems to grow on a daily basis. If you invite Uncle Joe then you think you need to invite his ex-wife, even though they are divorced and have been separated for 5 years.

Then you need to invite their children as well. Their children are dating and want to bring along their significant others….who have stepchildren..and those children have cousins.

Before you know it the list has multiplied like gremlins who got wet and instead of having 30 people it is more like 300.

Having an increasing guest list now means that you have to adjust all other areas of the budget like the 




to accommodate more people. This drives up your costs and increases the stress as you try to manage all the people on the list.

Decide in advance what your absolute maximum number of guests will be and then tweak the invites to fit. Do not let people pressure you into adding them to the list….remember you do not need to invite EVERY person you went to high school with to your wedding.