I just LOVE getting FREE stuff so imagine my surprise when I went to get the mail and got a wonderful present.

I have a credit card with Care Credit which is a card company that works with medical providers to get better payments. I got the card when I got LASIK last year and they offered me a 0% interest payment plan which I simply could not pass up.

carecredit1I got a mystery package in the mail and when I opened it up I found this neat little lunch bag inside.

I included a regular 12 inch ruler to the side for comparison. On the side facing the ruler is a neat little mesh pocket…..I guess to hold a bottle of water. Under the two velcro closures is a separate pocket and the main part of the bag is in the middle.

This is so cute and if I did not already have a lunch bag for work I would certainly take my lunch to work in this bag.

I got the bag as a thank you for being on the advisory council (had to answer one survey a few months ago) and while it is a small token it is certainly appreciated.

By the way, my LASIK surgery went well and one year later I have perfect vision and my eyes are healthy.