It is is 26 degrees today and the snow just keeps coming down. I was freezing so I got out of bed….had breakfast…then went back to bed.

Then I got out of bed about two hours later and went to exercise (hey I need to win that $10 bet!) and then spent some more time just lazing around in bed.

I finally got on the computer around 1:00 because I had an assignment due at 5pm. Can you say ‘super procrastinator’?

After the assignment I went…… play video games….you thought I was going to say back to bed right? No…I have lazed around too much for the day.

The roads are really bad so the school is closed today. I am mad because I am missing out on my little hourly pay today.

Plus, it is sooooooooooo cold I have not set foot outside for the day……which means I have not been able to check the mail. Sob! Wail!