Candle Day at Bath and Body Works was today. This is where the candles are on sale for $8.95, down from the usual $22.50 or $24.50.

I was very excited for this since I had been waiting a long time to make some new purchases.

The day before the sale there was a long list of products available. I made a list of the candles I was interested in and double checked my coupons.



The coupons were for $10 of $30. My calculations noted that I would be able to purchase 4 candles to make the minimum and use the coupon. I went to the store with with my coupons, all set to buy 12 candles.

Disappointment hits

There were very few different candles when I got to the store. After speaking to the sales associates, I found out they had been instructed to pull some of the scents from the floor and place them in the back.

Why would they do something like this? Why remove the scents when they could easily be sold.

I ended up only getting 4 candles because the rest were not really interesting to me. By the time I got back home the website was saying ALL candles were sold out online.

So now I could not even order some from the website and make the company more money.

I guess I will just have to wait for the regular semi-annual sale to see if I can get anything.