Here is some more credit report madness. I had ordered a credit monitoring service a month ago and the trial period was ending so I called in to cancel it. I took one last look at my alerts and finding none decided to close the account. Then after it was closed I decided to reenter the system to look at my credit scores.

I was shocked to see that my scores had dropped by a few points since the last time I checked them. This was really surprising to me because it was not because of any new requests for credit. The biggest thing I saw was that the ‘late’ payment on my loan in December of last year was STILL showing up on Equifax.

Now I contacted the bank and printed off the forms to dispute the information but did not receive a response. I was thinking that the issue had been resolved….but no. There it was in glaring sight. Now Transunion and Experian have it correct but Equifax still insists that according to their records I had a late payment and this has a HIGH impact on my credit score.

So I go through the process again. I call the bank and let them know what happened and ask them to send out the peperwork again. Then I go to Equifax site to dispute the information. I am taken to a different site that processes claims for Texas and have to fill out a new set of registration to get my information sent in. I now have to print out multiple copies of the claim and send to various offices….hey I did this before…..but no biggie I will do it again.

I have no idea why this is happening and why it is taking so long to resolve…but it did not take any time at all to DROP my credit score. Why Equifax? Why?

Moral of the story is always keep checking your credit score because it can change drastically in two days. That is how long it took for me to see the change in mine.

I have to order the second set of FREE credit reports from in May and I will see what happens then.